Tuesday, September 20, 2011

George Mathieu

                           Haute Stridance   oil on panel

               Le Duc Charles épouse la Duchesse de Bourgogne...  oil on canvas ...   38.6 x 63 in. / 98 x 160 cm                   

L'Abduction d'Henri IV par l'archevêque Anno de Cologne..  oil on canvas... 78.7 x 157.5 in. / 200 x 400 cm.

Georges Mathieu, L
George Mathieu was born in 1921. I began with studying literature and philosophy but than switched to when he was twenty-one. He started with painting realistic landscapes and portraits then he developed a highly distinctive Abstract Expressionist personal style, which grew out of an emotionally driven, improvised and intuitive act of painting.

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